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Savannah Insurance Agency Pty Ltd – The ‘Agency’


A unique business model in Australia, Savannah Insurance Agency was incorporated just over 5 years ago to embrace the change occuring throughout the established global financial markets and insurance centres. Its structure aims to generate business continuity and loyalty between its Principal Underwriters’ and their insurers and allow its experienced, specialist and dedicated underwriters to spend their time doing what they do best – underwriting.

Contact Us

Phone: (02) 8234 0416
Fax: (02) 8078 0162

The Agency is a Lloyd's Cover Holder, writing on behalf of:

Certain Underwriters at Lloyd's

It is also a member of:

  • UAC - Underwriting Agencies Council
  • FOS - Financial Ombudsman Service

It is able to provide the following classes

  • Personal Accident and related classes
  • Liability /PI/ ML & Tax Audit - SME/ Scheme Focus
  • Stand-alone Large Liability risks - on application
  • Cyber Crime Liability - on application

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